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Voices of Whipps Cross

As part of the Whipps Cross Voices project, sound artist Frazer Merrick captured the sounds of the hospital and spoke to people around the hospital to create a series of episodes focusing on different parts of the current hospital story: the Voices of Whipps Cross. Listen to episodes as they're released:

Voices of Whipps Cross, Episode 1: Whipps Cross Hospital Radio

Hear Phil Hughes talk about the history of Whipps Cross Hospital Radio, interspersed with archive recordings from the radio station and sounds of the hospital. 

Accompanying images are from the Barts Health NHS Trust Archives collections.

Voices of Whipps Cross, Episode 2: The Chaplain

In this episode, we hear the sounds and services of the hospital chapel, and Reverend James Grenfell, Whipps Cross Hospital Chaplain, sharing his experiences of hospital chaplaincy and his time at the hospital.

Voices of Whipps Cross, Episode 3: The Volunteer Hub

In this episode, we hear hospital volunteers discuss their roles and some of the sounds of the hospital. Accompanying images were photographed for the Whipps Cross Voices project and taken for hospital communications department. The actual volunteers speaking in this episode are not shown. 

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